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Will my Car Insurance Rates Increase if I make a Claim?

Dave Langevin - Friday, June 14, 2013

Two of the most common questions after a Minnesota car accident are, why does my car insurance company need to be involved, and will my rates go up?  The reason your car insurance company needs to be involved is discussed here.

Before the question concerning rates is discussed it is important to note that your physical well-being should always be the number one concern after a car accident.  Never let a concern about your insurance premiums deter you from seeking need medical attention.

Nevertheless, the answer to the question concerning whether your insurance rates will go up after a Minnesota car accident can be found in Minnesota Statutes Section 72A.20 subd. 23(d)(2012):

No insurer that offers an automobile insurance policy in this state shall use an applicant's prior claims for benefits paid under section 65B.44 (the No-Fault Act) as an underwriting standard or guideline if the applicant was 50 percent or less negligent in the accident or accidents causing the claims.

Minnesota law makes it illegal for an insurance company to raise your insurance premiums if the accident was not your fault.

Of course, I should note that if the insurance company reviews the policy after the claim is made and discovers additional drivers in the household, or discovers some of the drivers have received traffic tickets since the last policy review, then the rates might be increased on that basis.

Minnesota car insurance companies are not allowed to raise insurance premiums if the accident is not your fault.