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Faribault Police Officer Files Suit

Dave Langevin - Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lisa Petricka, a  Faribault police officer, is filing a lawsuit against the city for failing to meet the workers’ compensation requirements of her employment contract. At the time of her injury, the contract stated that employees injured on the job would be paid their regular wage through the workers’ compensation system. In addition, vacation and sick leave would continue to accrue normally.

Two months after Officer Petricka’s injury, the city introduced a new policy that required injured city employees to use accrued vacation time and sick leave in order to supplement workers’ compensation. This allowed the city to save money at the expense of employees’ vacation time. Officer Petricka was told that she would continue to be compensated under the old policy, but the lawsuit alleges that she was not paid what she was promised.

Upon realizing that her paycheck was smaller than it should have been, Officer Petricka made a claim against the city. The suit alleges thatshe was subjected to an unwarranted poor performance review because of the claim. Officer Petricka was also subsequently denied promotion.

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